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ATV Trails in Polk County Wisconsin

By Dean S. Acheson



Western Wisconsin ATV Trails

ATV/UTV and motorbike enthusiasts can find four ATV/UTV trails in Polk County, Wisconsin that will provide hours of riding enjoyment.

Polk County, WI, in the heart of the St. Croix River Valley along the St. Croix River, is blessed with beautiful scenery! All Polk County, Wisc. roads as well as most Polk County townships are open to ATV/UTVs.
Along these beautiful Polk County, WI trails you will spot lots of wildlife! 

The Sterling Trail offers seven miles of closed loop wooden trail. 

Sterling Trail is open from June 1through Nov. 15. Off-road motorcycles are not allowed on this trail.

The Clear Lake-Clayton Trail, another multi-use trail, is also open year round. 

It follows 11 miles of railroad trail. There is an ATV/UTV trail through the Village of Clear Lake, Wisconsin. Off-road motorcycles allowed spring/summer/fall. Motorcycles not licensed for highway use cannot use that village trail.


Your ATV machine must be registered in order to use these trails. Remember to obey all speed limits and other signs and respect private property. Some municipalities allow access through their village or city (limited routes). For more information, call the Polk County, Wisconsin  Parks Department at 715-485-9278 or visit polkcountytourism.com.

Cattail Trail runs from Amery, Wisconsin to Almena, Wisconsin.

This beautiful trail runs for a total of 18 miles, of which 12 miles are in Polk County. 
The trailhead is at Amery, WI where rest rooms and picnic areas can be found. 

The trail is a former railroad bed that runs across six bridges. The multi-use trail is open to off-road motorcycles spring/summer/fall.

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