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    No matter your passion – hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, riding ATVs horses, or snowmobiles Polk County, Wisconsin has miles and miles of trails just for you. And if you’re birdwatching, this is the place for you with many rare species gracing trails with their beauty and song.

    River, Lakes & Waterfalls

    If water fun is your liking, Polk County, Wisconsin is home to everything you want to do. Kayak or canoe a National Scenic River, fish one of the many lakes on water or on ice for bluegill, largemouth bass, muskie, northern pike or walleye, boat, ski or just hang out on the Lily Pad.

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    Polk County, Wisconsin boasts 7 beautiful, impeccably groomed golf courses to accommodate all levels of players, with all the amenities to make your round a pleasure!

    Water Fun!

    So many ways to see the river in Polk County, Wisconsin – rent a canoe, kayak or tube, book a trip, or take a ride on a paddleboat! Or hit the water park for another adventure!

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    Other Fun Stuff!

    Polk County, Wisconsin has countless opportunities for outdoor fun – orchards, hatcheries and an interactive wildlife park are just a start!

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